Jump In Season

Chef Miheer showcases the vibrant flavours of seasonal ingredients in our new menu series!

Posted by Jump
on May 15, 2018
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Mark Your Calendars!

Asparagus Week — May 23-31
Crab Week — June 18-23
Corn Week — Aug 20-25
Tomato Week — Sep 10-15
Foraged Mushrooms Week — Oct 22-27
Squash & Pumpkin Week — Nov 19-24

Jump In Season

Preparing food that is robust, honest and full of flavour is something that Chef Miheer Shete and his team strive to achieve every day at Jump. When it came to creating a new and exciting seasonal menu, Chef Miheer knew their focus had to remain the same.

With an emphasis on respecting and showcasing seasonal ingredients, Chef Miheer carefully crafted Jump’s new menu series, which kicked off with the first of six Jump In Season menus on May 23. Each week-long prix fixe lunch and dinner menu weaves a single ingredient through multiple courses, allowing its flavours to be elevated in a variety of different ways.

“Sometimes ingredients get lost in a dish,” Chef Miheer explains. “People look at a dish as a whole — how pretty it is — and they miss out on the actual ingredients that bring all the flavours together.” The ingredient-driven menus will allow guests to experience an ingredient in its entirety.

You can expect to see simple and relatable ingredients as the stars of each menu. The series kicked off with asparagus in the spring and will wrap up with squash and pumpkin in the fall.

While Chef Miheer is excited about all the ingredient-driven dishes, he is particularly proud of the desserts. “Seeing an ingredient like asparagus in an appetizer or a main is familiar, but an asparagus-infused dessert really has the potential to have a ‘wow’ effect. I’m excited for our guests to finish their meals knowing that they have experienced something different and unique.”

Featuring an asparagus waffle cone and a white asparagus crème brûlée, Asparagus Week pushed the boundaries on traditional sweets! Take a look back at Asparagus Week, Crab Week, Corn Week, Tomato Week, and Mushroom Week, and join us for Pumpkin & Squash Week from November 19-24!

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